A touch of Native American mysticism doesn’t hurt anyone…;)

After a long night of preparing for the upcoming trial with my lawyer I drove my silver Suburu WRX into the garage, and hit the remote to close the garage door.

I had been fighting my former employers for the past 3 years. I owed my lawyers over $100 grand. They were “kind” enough to extend me credit to pay for my case, with the understanding that when (if) we won, they would be compensated.

$100,000 in debt, with more to come.

I sat in the dark of my garage, a…

Make Plans. Work the Plan. Make Goals. Achieve the Goals. Rest. Repeat.

If you build it right, it runs itself. PC: bill_thevoice

When I look back on the past month, it’s hard to believe what has been accomplished so far! It’s not like I really knew what I was doing. I just made it up as I went along.

I remember all of a sudden getting 5 signups, and becoming an ipso facto Team Leader. I almost immediately made a Telegram group, because that’s what you’re supposed to do, right?

I didn’t realize it would just be me, and one other guy patting each other on the back for being…

Swerve from the hype. Get into the DRIP. ~Written by Richard Right

Time for new friends? from: cnbc.com

A glance over the social media and YT accounts of the so called millennial crypto and ‘lifestyle’ influencers, such as Kim Kardashian West, Logan Paul and Tana Mongeau, and you will see a crypto shilled.

There seems no barriers on who can hype a coin, even Floyd Mayweather is in on the action.

From the words of DRIP Founder and Developer Forex Shark

There’s no comparison

Recently through the Main DRIP Telegram , Founder and Developer Forex Shark outlined the differences between DRIP, and Bankroll Flow:

  • (DRIP) Pays rewards through taxes instead of through inflation.
  • DRIP only gives bonuses for positive actions like depositing and compounding where FLOW rewards negative actions.
  • DRIP doesn’t have a dev wallet getting all of the rewards that are dumped on the community.
  • DRIP pays out 365% instead of 125% or what ever FLOW is.
  • DRIP has a structure for team competitions.
  • There are taxes on all DRIP transactions except for…

Signal to noise, this is pure signal…;0)

~ from LookIntoBitcoin

I always know when there’s a down in the market. I start to get text messages like, “Man, do you think this is it? I can’t go through another year and a half of winter.”

I’m like, “‘A year and a half of Winter’? It’s freaking July. Wut?”

Oh, you mean Bitcoin Winter, the long cold period between pumps.

Ever since I started with DRIP I haven’t taken a look at the crypto market, which has been a refreshing change. …

Short answer is “yes.” Written by: SK CryptoK, and edited by Cryptozoa.

Like the lotus is sustained by the water underneath…PC: Author

Many questions get asked regarding the sustainability of DRIP. How can 1 DRIP become 3.65 DRIP in a year? Or even 30+ DRIP when compounding? Where did those extra DRIP come from, the magic fountain?

It essentially boils down to every and all BNB that purchases DRIP goes into the liquidity pool of the Fountain Page, where you’re given your DRIP token. The Fountain (swap) page is a fork of Pancake Swap where liquidity is held. The platform then incentivizes you to “stake” your DRIP token into the…

Tongue-tied? Untie the terribly tongue-tied tongue today!

A vehicle to drive you to financial freedom. Havana, Cuba. PC: Author

I have a friend who hates her job. She’s an online trainer for hospitals, but her boss is an idiot, who says things like “Do I have to write this down for you because every time I talk to you I feel like I should.”

Yeah, that type of person.

I thought my friend would be a perfect fit. She’s a super cheerful people person, who’s smart and has video editing skills.

DRIP is about to get a Tsunami of new Users

The calm before the storm

DRIP has just partnered with South American talent management firm Focus Visual.

“Drip’s developed a new payment and reward structure for content influencers. This is the first ever DeFi Subscription Model for content creators.

Focus Visual is a South American based OnlyFans, Twitch, Booyah, and Youtube streamer management firm that manages some of the largest talents in Latin America!! Our Partnership will not only gain DRIP the exposure of million of loyal subscribers but also provide the utility of an innovative reward structure for the content creators and their subscribers…

Make your Dreams Reality

And what, pray tell, is the name of your kingdom?

Life hasn’t changed much frankly, I say to myself, even though it’s a lie.

The only reason I’m dressed up is because we are having our first big DRIP gathering. I’m wearing the one dressy jacket I own that I bought years ago, can’t remember where I even got it, but it’s a soft cotton black jacket with a crossover lapel and mandarin collar. No shoulder pads, not an inch of stiffness.

I’m much more comfortable in stretchy pants and a t-shirt, but I know how to clean up.

The gathering is 1,000 of the around…

Sometimes cratering is the best thing to happen to someone

TITAN looks friendly, but it has a bite! Plaza Botero — Medellín, Antioquia. PC: Author

Marcel: What did you learn from the TITAN-fiasco?

Cryptozoa: Honestly, it kind of put the nail in the coffin for Degen Farming for me. It’s weird to go from $25k profit to a $5k loss in 3.5 hours! I mean, I still do the occasional quick trade hustle, just because it’s fun.

I switched to stablecoin farms at one point because, well, they’re more stable. …


Writer for Cryptozoa.com, Altcoin Magazine, The Startup, Begoner.com, GripandClip.com, et al.

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