Gallstone Attacks: Solved through Carnivore Diet?

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3 Months after I adopted a nearly carnivore diet, eating only flesh foods for over 90 days, my gallstone symptoms have disappeared. I no longer suffer from gallstone attacks, which in November of 2018 were hitting me every 2–3 days. It is now March 13th, 103 days attack free.

I wrote about this earlier, back on January 2nd, 2019:

I felt compelled to write, since as a sufferer of gallstone attacks, I wanted to share with others how I was able to solve my own attacks. The question is: if you have solved the symptoms, does that mean you also solved the underlying condition?


The only reliable methods, though, would be to undergo lab tests. Currently, I am traveling the US via “Rocinante”, my 1992 Toyota 4x4 pickup, and am not in a good position to go to a doctor at the moment. I will make a visit at some point, hopefully when I reactivate my health insurance. One benefit of the Trump presidency is that I no longer am being financially punished for not having health insurance. The downside is that it opens me to financial ruin in the event of a health crisis. Thank you very little politicians.

But, I digress…

In the meantime, I eat burgers made out of the $11 tubes of Walmart ground beef, canned tuna fish with avocado mayo and relish, chicken thighs with the skin on, breakfast custard made with eggs, whipping cream, and bacon.

Lots of bacon.

The Walmart beef is 27% fat, and once cooked, the burger in the pan is swimming in a sea of liquidized fat.

And as I tilt the pan to my lips, I drink every last drop. 1 lb of meat containing 1/3 lb in oil.

And nary a gallstone pain is felt.

I thought too much fat was the case of gallstone pain? But, by the amount of fat I eat each day, this is false. Or, perhaps not entirely true.

As I wrote previously, when I stayed at my vegan parent’s house, I was experiencing gallstone attacks every 2–3 nights. Attacks severe enough to keep me awake for 5–10 hours, typically beginning around midnight. At around day 20, with 7 or 8 attacks for the month I had had enough. Like I’ve said before: Pain is the bright line for biological solutions. All the advice in the world means squat if the pain persists. Well-meaning advice to drink olive oil and lemon flushes, avoid fat, eat plant-based, and the rest of the non-solutions mean squat in the Land-o-Pain.

Talk to the hand ’cause the pain don’t care!

Overnight, I went carnivore. After reading articles of how low fat, low calorie diet induced gallstones, I asked myself what the opposite diet would look like? For me, it looked like this:

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For a former 13 year Vegetarian (5 years Vegan), this was quite the shakeup. Eating vegetables and fruit always felt cleaner to me somehow. More respectful to animal welfare. A blow against factory farming and animal cruelty.

But, the more I learn about the BigAg cabal, and think about the millions of rodents, foxes, insects, et al killed during harvesting, the bare-earth pesticide and herbicide policy of modern agriculture, and the petroleum use shipping of fruits and vegetables from around the world, I am starting to think the benefits of Vegetarianism were over promoted, and the faults under examined.

The more I read about paleolithic diets, and human biology, the more I believe that the natural human diet is that of a carnivore. The circle of life involves killing, including vegetables, and vegetables do not want to be eaten either. They secrete poisons: lectins and phylates, and a host of other defenses such as bitter or astringent tastes, making them unpalatable to eat.

Plants, through human intervention, have been made more palatable, but the toxins still persists, just made less so. This doesn’t mean they are part of the perfect human diet, though.

Ancient lettuce looks more like a weed than anything you’d think of eating. And modern fruits are the McDonald’s version of the ancient apples the modern versions are derived from:

Look like crab apples, about 7cm in size ( Malus sieversii (apples) — photo:

Malus sieversii is the primary ancestor of modern sweet apples, and were often “quite sour and off-putting”. Nowadays, all varieties sold at the local grocery store are variations on the mostly sweet side of “sweetly tart.”

I look at the ancient fruit and vegetable versions, and they look to me like famine food. As in: you would only eat these during a famine.

Just do a search on Youtube for “Ex-Vegan” returns a plethora of ex-vegans speaking out against the diet. They outline their physical and mental degradation they believe caused by the diet.

Of course, the health degradation from eating plants may also be a result of the modern condition of artificial soil additives, carbon pollution, and pthalate uptake of petrochemicals during their growth cycles of plants and vegetables.

Yet another reason to avoid plants as food.

The fossil record shows that modern man emerged from the eating of meat:

Eating meat is thought by some scientists to have been crucial to the evolution of our ancestors’ larger brains about two million years ago. By starting to eat calorie-dense meat and marrow instead of the low-quality plant diet of apes, our direct ancestor, Homo erectus,took in enough extra energy at each meal to help fuel a bigger brain. Digesting a higher quality diet and less bulky plant fiber would have allowed these humans to have much smaller guts. The energy freed up as a result of smaller guts could be used by the greedy brain, according to Leslie Aiello, who first proposed the idea with paleoanthropologist Peter Wheeler. The brain requires 20 percent of a human’s energy when resting; by comparison, an ape’s brain requires only 8 percent. This means that from the time of H. erectus, the human body has depended on a diet of energy-dense food — especially meat.


The information out there is contradictory and confusing. Some say our stomachs are as long as other herbivores, some say they are way too short. Some say we do not synthesize vitamin B12 from plants, others say if we ate dirty plants like our ancestors, we would get our B12 naturally. Others say we have eyes forward like predators, contrasted against the argument that we lack the teeth and claws to be true predators. With arguments both for and against vegetarian and vegan diets, both for and against carnivorous diets, the fighting is continued in the social media wars.What to believe?

All I know is that I once had pain, and now I do not. And a Carnivorous diet, for me, was the solution.

Pain, the thin red line between health and some type of chronic condition, between ideological diets (vegetarianism), and a biologic response (pain).

Truth is not just what we want it to be.

I want to be vegetarian, and thrive on a vegetarian diet. I know now that unless I want to feel pain that keeps me awake every 2–3 days, I need to avoid most plants and vegetables. I try expanding my diet, but am not courageous enough to have an all bread day, or try the soy fake animal frankenfoods of so-called vegans.

Something specific to their diet was causing my pain. Now, I stick to mostly meat, a small portion of whole plants or fruits. Little bread — nothing man-made or artificial. This stopped my attacks cold. And while I continue to experiment, cautiously adding an additional food item, I remain mostly carnivore.

And my body remains pain free.

Hopefully, my story helps you, the ones suffering. My disclaimer in this increasingly litigious society: I am not a health professional. This diet helped me, but may not help you. Do so at your own risk. That being said, the result was nigh well miraculous to me, and if you suffer as well then maybe this will help you too. In a few months to a year I will do another ultrasound to see if I was able to dissolve my gallstone. Until then, I wish you good health, and good luck!

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