Hey friend! Amy, I’m glad you’re taking charge of your health. Frankly, it feels like I’ve seen the light, that fasting is the light that cures all ills: obesity, Type II diabetes — and possibly other things like Altzheimers (called Type III diabetes now).

I’ve lost so much weight, and today I measured my blood sugar and it was only 85. Down from averaging 135+.

I kept looking at feeding windows people used, and I kept wondering how you go from this generic advice to something more individual? Not everyone can go to Dr. Jason Fung’s Intensive Dietary Mgt. because of time, distance and money. It just dawned on me that we already have something — a glucose meter!

Anyway, let me know how it works for you. I really recommend reading the 2 Fung books on Obesity and Fasting (links in article). You’re at the perfect stage for normalising your blood glucose!

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