Hi Mikaelee! I’m glad you found the article useful. Yes, my IG and YT accounts are available @gripandclip.

After further experimentation I have found myself able to eat fried foods, but only when they are fried in animal fat. Seed oils cause gallbladder pain. I can even drink the leftover fat/oil from cooking burgers with no issues, but seed oils (canola especially) is a problem. Sooo, I’m guessing that many of my past issues with fried foods are actually due to them using vegetable oils for frying.

When I researched Canola oil I found out it is a GMO oil. The original plant it is based on the oil was toxic. It was GMO’d to be non-toxic for consumption, rebranded and sold as a cheap “vegetable” oil. And it is used quite often for deep frying. My guess is that Canola oil (and probably other seed oils) are causing much of the difficulties with those with gallstone pain.

Let me know your experience!

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