I used to say, “The data doesn’t lie. Interpretation of the data, that’s another thing…;-)

What I’ve personally discovered after working with Fortune 100 companies is that they like to go through a long analysis phase. If they could, they’d have it last forever, or as long as they can. This is in order not to look stupid by actually making a decision. If they’re lucky, they never get out of the analysis phase, and the project gets shut down. Everyone goes on with life.

The problem here is that there’s a race going on. The big financial companies do not want their shorts eaten by an upstart, like Coinbase, in a new asset class they want to be a part of, but can’t. They can’t due to hesitancy in losing money.

The price of an analysis document that lays out the facts for a new asset class your company is considering making a big decision about is not a huge consideration for big companies. $9k+ is a line item on a multimillion dollar budget. The cost is prohibitive for the ordinary retail crowd, but someone is buying.

For me, that easily points to a well-endowed hedge fund, Fortune 500 financial company, or institution.

Let’s look at the other side, the advertiser. The advertiser still has the ad up, and is still willing to pay anywhere from $45 — $137 per click. At the low end, the advertiser selling the analytical document can expect 210 clicks before the ad campaign is unprofitable, where they can’t recoup their money through a single sale.

When you run an ad campaign, in simple terms, you calculate how many clicks will return a sale. If this campaign, for example, sells 1 analysis document every 209 clicks:

209 clicks X 45=$9,405. $9,450–9405= $45 profit

If this is reliable, I would run that campaign all day.

More than likely, though, it gets a sale more often, say 1 every 100 clicks:

100 clicks X 45 = $4500. $9,450–4500= $4,950 profit

The campaign is still running. Someone is buying. It’s not Joe-off-the-street. It points to a big company with a large analytical slush fund. The price for the search term is high, but someone is willing to pay it because someone else is willing to buy the analysis document.

Again, for me, it’s easily points to a huge fin, fin/tech company doing analysis prior to pouring a percentage of funds into bitcoin/crypto.

Writer for Cryptozoa.com, Altcoin Magazine, The Startup, Begoner.com, GripandClip.com, et al.

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