James Altucher Doesn’t Wear Underwear

James Altucher doesn’t wear underwear.

That’s the conclusion I got when I read that he only owns 15 items.

Here’s what he owns (according to this Business Insider article:

James Altucher only owns about 15 things. Those are: three pairs of pants, three T-shirts, a pair of shoes, a laptop, a cellphone, an iPad, a Ziploc bag, money ($4,000 worth of $2 bills), and two carry-on black bags that he carries them in.

I call bullshit. What, no underwear, socks or toothbrush? What, he goes commando on the daily? After a heinous trip to the toilet, it gives another meaning to “ride it hard, put it away wet…” Eww.

How about socks? For god’s sakes wear some socks dude! You’re a frickin’ gazillionaire for Christ’s sake!

If you don’t already know, James is the writer behind the book “Choose Yourself”, a sort of tome that combines inspirational ideas, as well as nuts and bolts suggestions for what he calls “true wealth”. I’ve just bought it, so I may do a review later.

But, why is he (presumably, hopefully) lying? Yeah, I get that he may be discounting things like ipad and laptop charging cords, but why leave out how many pairs of underwear and socks he owns? He lists a frickin’ Ziplock bag, so why not? I mean Project 333 gets the clothing down to 33 items. For my World Travel list, I think I got it down to 45 items. That’s counting my underwear (5) as one items, and socks (5) as one.

So, how does James Altucher get his list down to 15? I’ll tell you how:

James Altucher is a fucking liar.

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Originally published at gripandclip.com on July 8, 2017.

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