1. “Zero evidence”? You sure about that? Have you heard of XRP Ledger? “Ripple has sold on average 300M XRP per month for the past 18 months…selling XRP to institutional purchasers.” Value in XRP is not just in hodling, like BTC, though, and value for XRP will be recognized by the market by it’s transactions/usage — a few trillion transaction/month and then “nanoseconds” suddenly start to add up.
  2. Sure, Marketcap is not a perfect metric — like all metrics it doesn’t paint the whole picture. And once we start talking tens of billions of a coin, like for XRP, marketcap becomes silly since they did that for liquidity reasons — but pointless? Every time XRP rolls over Ethereum in marketcap the cryptonews sites cluck, and when it rolls over Bitcoin they will crow. Fair or not. Although I get your point, I wouldn’t lump XRP with collectibles, as XRP has a transactional function, not just all shiny…like Bitcoin. Suggest a better metric then — like number of transactions? Transaction volumes with XRP rise with every bank signed, bitcoin needs more acceptance to retain their lead.
  3. Hmmm, there’s a lot of promising going on here with Lightning Network, but Ripple’s 2 main raison d’etre’s are: transaction speed, and low cost transactions. They’ve handily beat out Bitcoin and Ethereum for many months now. You really think they are going to just let themselves be blindsided by Bitcoin’s future speed? They already know it’s coming. And if Lightning Network fulfills it’s promise — what then? Faster gold?

Unless Bitcoin truly becomes transactional, and not just a store of value it will be superseded by XRP on a utility basis. But Bitcoin needs to act more like cash, less like gold.

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Writer for Cryptozoa.com, Altcoin Magazine, The Startup, Begoner.com, GripandClip.com, et al.

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